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Why Sirius?

At Sirius, we believe that a successful investment program is based on a solid concept that is achievable and repeatable. As with any business model, this core concept is what produces results.

Sirius works within this framework on a daily basis. Our investment strategy begins with investing in index funds. Tracking an index mirrors the returns of the associated index and provides a solid foundation for our investment strategy.

Then Sirius takes investing a few steps further. We use our proprietary rating system, the Sirius Rating System, to identify windows of opportunity in the market and act on them according to our investment plan. We invest in both advancing and retreating markets using leverage in an effort to maximize our returns - putting capital to work in pursuit of additional returns. We watch the market and Sirius’ investments carefully, so you can relax and do what you do best. Because at Sirius, our investors are serious investors.

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